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Uncompromised service—the Murphy Difference

Commercial real estate financing isn’t just about buildings and money. It’s about trust, professionalism and service. At Murphy Realty Capital, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide all three in abundance. Simply put, it defines who we are.

We view ourselves as more than a financial intermediary. We’re here to make sure that the entire process works as smoothly as possible—from the initial consultation through underwriting and closing. After all, the last thing you need is a surprise at the closing table.

First, we carefully analyze each prospective deal. And, if we believe the deal is a fit for any of our investors, Murphy Realty Capital puts all its resources behind it, making the transaction as easy as we possibly can. Conversely, if the deal is not a fit, we will respectfully pass on the opportunity. That’s because we value your time as much as ours.

And as a smaller firm, our reputation is paramount. Therefore, we serve our clients in a way they’ve never been served before. Count on it!

Once we’ve mutually decided to move forward, we’ll fairly but aggressively market the investment opportunity to those investors/lenders that are the best candidates for this type of financing. We will work on your behalf to generate the best quotes possible for your deal. And--if a quote is acceptable to you—we will capably assist you in negotiating a deal application. We only go to this step when we have an ultra-high degree of assurance that the deal will be committed and closed on the terms outlined in the application.

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