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Unlike other commercial real estate financing firms

Traditionally, the world of commercial real estate financing has been driven by exclusive relationships that financial intermediaries have with funding sources. Relationships that may—or may not—be beneficial and appropriate for the borrower. But, fortunately for our clients, that world is changing.

At Murphy Realty Capital, we understand that every situation is different. And that this is no longer a square-peg-for-round-holes world. That’s why we work exceptionally hard to understand your unique situation before we do anything else. Then—and only then---we can work to craft the right solution for you.

And we’ll place our ability to craft that solution right up there with the best. How can we make that claim? Simple. We’ve been employed by some of the biggest and most respected commercial real estate financing firms in the nation. And we understand their methodologies and processes.

We’ll put that expertise to work with our network of funding sources to create the best deal possible. And because we are not tied to any specific source, you’ll benefit from our unbiased perspective.

Other commercial real estate financing firms often have ongoing business volume requirements (written or unwritten) in order to maintain valuable servicing income; thus they are virtually married to their funding sources. Therefore, you may lose out on the funding sources that best fit your needs.

In working with Murphy Realty Capital, you get the expertise you need to make things happen—from an unbiased source, and one that has your best interests at heart.

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